Normally, this would be where I would tell you all about my love for photography and when I was younger how I got my first camera. However, my love for photography isn't up for question or neither of us would be here, right?! 

Instead, let me tell you about my love for moments, family, friends - all those instances where you wish you could freeze time and never forget what is going on. That's how I can help you - let me freeze those moments for you. When you are marrying your best friend, and your grandmother is in the front row smiling at you, when you are tickling your children and they are belly laughing - those are the moments I love to capture, so you can remember them forever.

However, I am also very well aware that sometimes, its also nice to know about your photographer since I get to know you so well! If you scroll down - a few of my guilty pleasures are there. But! I am warning you now, it just shows you how much of a nerd I am!

Hello I'm



Harry Potter

Family & Friends

Disney World, Disney movies, Disney shows...I'll take them all!

The books and the movies, each have their own magic

The fuel that keeps me going every day


1. I've been to Disney World over 10 times, and each time is still like the first!

2. My favorite park is Magic Kingdom, riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at night is the BEST!

3. Enjoy a nice slushy? Go to the Cheshire Cafe next to the teacups and order the Wonderland Slushy (minus the Fanta grape for me!), you'll thank me, promise.

4. Looking for a good character meal? Check out Storybook Dining at Fort Wilderness! Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy and the Evil Queen! Some of the best character interactions, hands down!

1. I've read each of the books multiple times. Each time I read them at a different age, I understand them a little differently.

2. My favorite ride at Orlando Universal Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - walking through Hogwarts to get to the ride is so immersive! 

3. My family and I frequently binge watch all the movies in one weekend.

4. Unpopular opinion, but I love the Fantastic Beast movie series and am so sad they canceled the rest!

1. My Boompa (grandfather) is 95 years young and my favorite man in the world (sorry to my father and Husband, ha)!

2. My husband and I have been together since we were 18 and 19 years old - 19 years and counting and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

3. My paternal side is from Belgium, where many of my aunts and cousins still live. Visiting them is always some of the best trips my husband and I take!

4. I've had the same small core group of friends almost my whole life and I do not know where I would be without them.